Anthrolations Vol. 6

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Anthrolations – Volume 6

Debuting in January 2000, Anthrolations: The Magazine of Anthropomorphic Dramatic Fiction showcases character based stories employing anthropomorphic animals in a variety of themes and sub-genres. It has enjoyed fan and critical acclaim, including several Best Fanzine nominations and multiple individual story and art Ursa Major Awards.

Dog Days by Renee Carter Hall. Illustrations by Claire Hummel.
Le Roux's Love Center by Phil Geusz. Illustrations by Jennie Hoffer.
The Three Little Wolves by Elan Ruskin. Illustrations by Amy Fennell.
Two Sick Days by Andrija Popovic. Illustrations by Jonathan Roth.
The End of the Labyrinth by Michael R. Gist. Illustrations by Cara Mitten.
Morning After by Arthur Lee. Illustrations by Jen Seng.


Language: English

Pages: 56 pages


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Anthrolations Vol. 6